Wednesday, June 10, 2020


 Smells like shit.
Works been slow, the men's keep coming up pathetically short, so I'm double-fistin' as a dog walker now. 
Two bitches walkin' lol that's us! Call me 😘
Look at this weird fake grass lawn 😲 
I live in a shithole but at least I have real grass! F dis 💩
DeadMau5 on Colfax Denver Colorado Red Rocks Amphitheatre
OMG! Firehouse across from Casa Bonita 😍
dead squirrel Lakewood Colorado off Colfax near RTD lightrail Wadsworth.
Got me some *glow* laces so Daddy can find me at night. 
And look what I found at night 😂 naughty worms!!
Aww, look- these people are growing weeds! How cute ♥️
dead vole Broomfield Colorado next to lake 
Lots of dead rats in Denver lately.