Sunday, September 16, 2018

Civic Center Park Trash

Oh, is the bathroom occupied? that's cool! this girl will just shoot her heroin in the corner window 😊
such a lovely day in Denver!
Meanwhile, 100ft away, this dumbass millenial hipster is taking pics of dumbass blue-painted trees...Forget all that crime scene tape right behind him!
Coroners forgot the victim's shoes on the pillars 💀
but who cares, right?
 It's such a lovely day in Denver!
Did that sign say "no smoking or drinking at the park"? Oh, ok, good because-
I just saw a girl shooting heroin in front of a government office window!!
Look at these beautiful dirty hippies, bless their little stank weed hearts ❤ lol at least it's not heroin!!
...and not a single cop to be seen anywhere...

PS~ how's everyone liking the RATS??
Aren't they just the cutest? ❤️