Tuesday, August 22, 2017

there's just no escape from this nightmare

JesusFuckingChrist!! Can I not visit any damn thrift store in peace ever again?! Now I had NUNS creepin' on me WTF!
And why aren't they wearing socks? Those naked ankles are making me uncomfortable...
lmao 😂 this is totally my fault! I summoned these witches yesterday during the eclipse- I was mocking a guy who said the eclipse was "god's miracle work" by singing in an annoying baby voice "Jesus loves me!! this I know! 'cause the Bible tells me so!!!"
💩 I'm burning in Hell for this 😈
New work clothes haul: naughty nurse dress, satin, lace, leather corset shorts, Victoria's Secret bra,
Fredricks of Hollywood sheer baby doll, rude girl belt, bondage skirt
There used to be so many thrift stores on Colfax! The ARC at Sheridan was my jam ❤ workers were mean bitches tho lol criminals working off their community service hours 😊 I'd always be like "yo! I'm sorry you got caught, too- now sell me these skanky shoes"