Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ever feel like someone's watching you...

and it's not just Jesus?? LoL
Story Time: I went shopping for new work clothes- and Homeboy had his eyes on me the second I stepped out of my car...
He eyeballed me again inside the store, WTF!! Awkward.
It was a really creepy vibe...but this Ho's gotta eat! So I pushed on-
My business manager insists I send him pics before purchasing anything so I don't waste money. He's so smart!!
I found a perfect pair of Pleasers and a purple fringe thot bikini~ New With Tags!
OK. Ready to get Goosebumps all over your body?...
Daddy let me keep the change! J/k that's not the shocking part ----
So hours later I'm checking out the job market on CraigsList 😉 when I come across this CREEPY ad!!!
I am a THIN, YOUNG HOT GIRL! I was at the THORNTON thrift store! I only bought SHOES & a swim SUIT!
 that CREEPY 50year old white man was stalking me at the thrift store!! WTF!!!⬅⬅
This is seriously why I hate outcalls to the 'Burbs 💀 those men are nutcases!
50 shades of beige carpeting, "let me spank you with this kitchen spatula! So naughty!" -pathetic dadbod creepers

Moral of the Story: any time Jesus is around 🏃 RUN the other way!