Saturday, March 11, 2017

Street Smarts

Learned a valuable lesson today, Pimp Daddy beat it into me hard!     #blessed
short dress asking for it long ankle prude what does a girl's skirt length mean? chartDenver leg bruises lesson learned beat down even spacing stripe sheets purple toe nails Colorado Colfax worker pimp daddy
Don't worry! Bruises are easy to cover up with thigh hi stockings, and men love them = bonus!! 💵
valuable tips from Colfax street workers wear stockings to hide bruises men love thigh-hi legs garters stiletto heels double weapons safety Denver ColoradoColfax Hookerz black stockings high heels walking down street call night Denver Diner late night snack sugarbaby skirt Colorado blondes
Know what he's hungry for and serve it up with a smile~
Remember: the customer always comes first 😊